We are excited to give you more details on our expansion into North County!  Soon we will begin to move a portion of our clothing items, toys and books to the Dar Al-Jalal Mosque on Dunn Road in Hazelwood.  This location is ideal to allow us to better serve our families and social workers in the North City and North County areas!  We cannot thank Dar Al-Jalal enough for providing the space AND volunteers to make this happen!  We'll be working hard in an effort to open by the end of the summer.  Stayed tuned for more details about this and our South City expansion plans.  Let us know if you'd like to be a part of it!

Vision 24:1
We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Beyond Housing's 'Vision 24:1' program!  The program brings together an amazing group of organizations that provide programs and services to children and their families in the 24 municipalities within the Normandy School District. The partnership addresses such challenges as education, housing health, employment readiness and access, and economic development.  HHMD will be supporting Vision 24:1's '5 By Age 5' initiative, which is working to ensure kindergarten readiness for all children within the 24:1 communities! The initiative addresses five main resources that have been identified as crucial in ensuring children are ready for school by five years of age - Healthcare Services, Screening, Early Learning, Parenting Skills, and Community Support. We can't wait to start working with these incredible agencies that are as passionate about helping kids and their families as we are!

New Volunteer Partner
Our community continues to rally around our cause.  All summer we have been fortunate enough to work with Union Avenue Christian Church and the urban mission volunteer groups that the church brings in from all over the U.S.  Each Wednesday, the church brings in a new group to help sort clothing and pack boxes for HHMD.  These volunteers have been amazingly dedicated and a delight to work with.  They have made such a huge difference in our warehouse!!  Below is a picture of last week's group from Kentucky.

And Last But Not Least...
HHMD has recently received funding from the Old Newsboys organization and from the Dana Brown Charitable Trust!  Of course, we can always use as much financial support as we can get so head on over to our website if you'd like to donate to the cause!