Q:  Where are you located?  What are your hours?
A: Our office, distribution warehouse and donation drop-off location is 8673 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63132. We are on Olive JUST east of 170.  Look for the big pink sign on the north side of Olive.  Turn into the City Lights Church parking lot and continue straight back.  We are in a small strip BEHIND the church.  (If you reach the light on Olive Blvd at McKnight/Woodson Road, you have gone too far!)

Families in need with a referral may walk in any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9am-12pm.  No appointment necessary!

Social workers, donors of children's items, and volunteers may walk in any Monday - Thursday 9am-12pm.  No appointment necessary!

Q: How does HHMD identify families in need?
A:  We have established a trusted network of local non-profit agencies and organizations to refer families to us on a regular basis.  In order to ensure our donors that we are serving only those families who are truly in need,  we must receive a referral from one of our Referring Agencies.  In the event that a family is unable to obtain a referral, the parent(s) must attend a Life Coaching session at HHMD in order to be served.

Q: How can my organization become an HHMD referral partner?
A: Please submit the 'Become a Partner' form on our Partners page to join us!

Q:  How do HHMD referral partners refer a family in need?  
A: Please see the three easy options below!

Please note: Once your client has been referred, there is no need for them to email or call us first.  No appointments are necessary!  Referred families can walk in any Tues - Thurs between 9:00 am and noon.

Option 1) The Easiest Way:  Simply hand one of our referral forms to your client.  Your client can then bring this form to HHMD.  If you do not yet have our referral form, send us a note on our Contact page and we will email it to you for you to print out.

Option 2) The 2nd Best Way: Email us the name of your client by submitting the 'Refer a Family' form on this website.  Once you have emailed us, please let your client know that you have done so, so they know they can now come to HHMD.  

Q: How can my family get a referral for HHMD?  I have a referral. What do I do next?
A: If you are a family in need, please ask your nurse, social worker or case worker to give you one of our referral forms or to email us by submitting our 'Refer a Family' form on this website.  Before you come to HHMD, please check with the person who is sending your referral to ensure the referral has been sent or we will not be able to serve you.  Once you receive a referral form or you know that a referral has been sent to us, you may simply walk in to our location any Tues-Thurs between 9:00 am and noon without an appointment. There is no need for you to email or call us first! If you are unable to obtain a referral, you must attend a one-hour Life Coaching session in order to be served.

Q:  What services does HHMD provide?
A: Please see our Home page and our page called 'The Details' to see the specifics on what we provide to families.

Q:  What % of your budget goes directly to serve those in need vs. administrative costs?

A:  We use 98% of our budget to directly serve those in need!  We work hard to run a very efficient organization and are fortunate to have generous partners and local families who donate all of the children's items we provide to those in need!

Q: What types of donated items does HHMD accept?

A: Please see our Take Action page for a complete listing.

Q:  What hours/days can I drop off donations at your warehouse?

A:  You may drop off donations any Monday - Thursday between 9:00 am and noon.  There is no need to call or email us first, just drop on by!  If these times don't work for you, let us know and you can leave the items outside of our front door.

Q:  Can you come pick up my donations?

A:  While we would love to be able to pick up all donations, we only have enough volunteers with large vehicles to pick up in some cases.  Unfortunately, we can no longer pick up clothing donations unless they are accompanied by a large baby item(s) or a large item(s) of furniture (i.e. stroller, car seat, crib, pack n play, high chair, exersaucer, bed, couch, dresser).   Please disassemble any cribs and bed frames. Just send us a note on our Contact page to arrange a pickup. 

Q:  How can individuals or organizations make financial donations to HHMD?

A:  Please go to our Take Action page to donate through Paypal!  If you'd prefer not to donate online, you can send a check made out to 'Helping Hand Me Downs' to the following address!  Thank you!

Helping Hand Me Downs

8673 Olive Blvd.

University City, MO 63132

Q:  Is my donation tax deductible? Can I get a receipt for tax purposes?

A:  Yes and yes!  HHMD is a 501(c)3 organization.  If you are making a financial donation online, please send us a note on our Contact page to request a receipt for tax deduction purposes.  If you are donating children's items, you can just let us know that you need a receipt during donation drop off or pickup.

Q:  What type of volunteers do you need?  How old do you need to be to volunteer?

A: HHMD is always looking for volunteers to sort incoming clothing donations, pack boxes for families, pickup donations and/or deliver furniture!  We believe strongly in instilling the importance of serving the community at a young age and encourage all ages to volunteer at HHMD!  Individuals or small groups/families (2-4 people) can just walk in Monday - Thursday 9am - 12pm.  If you need a different day, let us know!  If you have a large group, see below.

Q:  Can groups volunteer?

A:  Whether you are a boy scout or girl scout troop, a group of middle or high school students, a church group or a mom's club, you can send us a note on our Contact page to set up a day for you to volunteer at our warehouse. 

Q:  Do families served ever come back and volunteer? 

A:  Yes they do, and we love it!!  Many of the families we serve look forward to giving back to the community once they are able!