Essential items

Each child receives the following items based on availability:

- Seasonally-appropriate clothing: sleepers, onesies, shirts, pants/shorts/skirts, socks
- Shoes, bibs, hats, blankets, coat
- Small toy(s) and age-appropriate book(s)
- One piece of large baby gear for each child under 1 year
 (i.e. bouncy seat, swing, crib, exersaucer, car seat, stroller or high chair).  You may be placed on a waitlist for these large items.

We can also provide the following items to parents when they are available: diaper bags, baby carriers, maternity clothing, breast pumps, beds, couches, and dressers.

Other Resources

After urgent needs have been met, HHMD focuses on longer term goals to help families gain stability or enhance their quality of life. To address a lack of safe housing for families, HHMD implemented a housing program for families in transition. Additionally, HHMD partners with local companies for employment opportunities which ultimately result in stable employment. After these needs have been met, HHMD can assist with the hurdles of childcare and transportation.


Mary Brown is a Core Alignment Specialist, the founder of Etched In Your Heart, and a mom and grandmother. Her own powerful coaching journey began from a state of unacceptance in herself and ignited a passion to show up for others with an understanding heart and the ability to feel what others feel. She knows how essential it is to be YOU, and therefore how essential it is to share the work she does.

Mary empowers others to embrace their self-worth from an honoring place where she recognizes the present
acknowledges beliefs of the past, and connects individuals to navigate through living into the future.

Coaching with Mary creates personal growth that leads to strength and expansion. She assists single moms and families who come through the nonprofit “Helping Hand Me Downs” organization by coaching them with the heart and soul of an attitude of gratitude.

Mary is also a Core Alignment Specialist with Functional Health Team, the integrated and individualized care team of health and wellness practitioners.

Mary’s experience and understanding is that more can be created when your mind, body and heart are aligned. EVERY HEART RISE UP to let your light shine!