Essential items

Each child receives the following items based on availability:

- Seasonally-appropriate clothing: sleepers, onesies, shirts, pants/shorts/skirts, socks
- Shoes, bibs, hats, blankets, coat
- Small toy(s) and age-appropriate book(s)
- One piece of large baby gear for each child under 1 year
 (i.e. bouncy seat, swing, crib, exersaucer, car seat, stroller or high chair). These large items are on a waiting list system.

We can also provide the following items to parents when they are available: diaper bags, baby carriers, maternity clothing, breast pumps, beds, couches, and dressers.


Our goal is to have 25% of the parents we serve return after their first visit for life coaching, job placement and/or housing assistance.  If 25% of those we serve break the cycle of poverty and find stability and independence, this equates to over 1,000 children and their families being able to live proactive, healthy lives with less stress. 

Our Education and Resources Director provides new families with information on additional local agencies and resources that are available to them based on their specific situation.  If a family then chooses to take the next step, she provides one-on-one life coaching on a weekly basis in our office or via phone.  

This coaching aims to empower and educate parents. It focuses on helping parents recognize their own self worth and supporting their personal growth.  This foundation leads to the strength to move forward and set goals for themselves and their families.