our story

We began our journey in August 2011 when Founder & Executive Director (and mom), Stephanie Williamson, discovered a large unmet need in the St. Louis area to help families provide for their children.

Based on interviews with over 40 social service advocates, leaders and employees, she found that families in need with newborn infants appeared to be a relatively unserved population.  With that in mind, Stephanie founded HHMD with the original mission of serving infants in need and providing support to their mothers.  

During our first year, it became clear that we wanted to serve the siblings of these infants as well.  We then adapted our model and expanded our mission to serve children of all ages and their families.

We also began to realize that parents being served wanted to give back to help other parents in need.  As a result, HHMD encourages parents to 'Bring It Back (BIB)' by returning items their children have outgrown to exchange for the next sizes up.  We can then recycle those items to another family in need.  And the cycle of giving continues!  Many parents also come back to volunteer themselves and share how HHMD has impacted their lives.

board of directors


Katie Van Hook, CRES--President
2-year term, January 2017-January 2019                

Christian Misner, attorney -VP
2-year term, July 2017-July 2019

Jessica Lindhorst, Stifel Nicholas-Treasurer
2- year term, October 2018-October 2020

Anna Franz, Lutheran Family Children Services -member

Curtis Campbell, Middletree Church, member

Lauren Korbal, Regions Bank, member

Ellis Hawkins, President-SSM DePaul, member

Rachel Hoppman, Scott Credit Union, member

Rachel Byrd, Accenture, member

**Stephanie Williamson, Founder and ED HHMD, non-voting member





Founder & Executive Director,  
Stephanie Williamson

Stephanie started her career with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) where she spent 9 years in Madison WI, Ann Arbor. MI and Saint Louis, MO.  In 2005 she moved to TALX Corporation where she was a Senior Director of the Tax Credit and Incentives Division. At just over $20M it was the smallest division of the company but provided a lot of hands-on learning due to the fact that the entire division was comprised of formerly competing companies.  Every day was quite an experience, similar to parenting...

Stephanie left TALX in 2007 after they were acquired by Equifax with the idea of staying home with her children.  During her time away from the business world she and her husband became foster parents and adopted a little boy named Marcus.  Stephanie also came realize that her passion was helping others so decided to start a nonprofit that filled in the current agency gaps.  In August of 2011 the organization was formed and in October it was an official 501c3. 

HHMD begin in her living room with 12 referring partner agencies and now has well over 100 agencies that refer the service and a whole warehouse to support the need. The service model has experienced 50% growth year over year and is on track to serve over 2,500 children and their families in 2015 with a target of 4,000 for 2016. 

Stephanie and her husband John live in University City with their 4 children ages 5, 8, 16 and 19 and their dogs Hank and Macy.  

Education & Resources Director, Mary Brown

Mary is a Core Alignment Specialist, Founder of Etched In Your Heart, and a mother and grandmother. Mary has expanded her coaching business to assist and coach parents and families at Helping Hand Me Downs.

Mary’s own powerful coaching journey began from a state of unacceptance in herself and has ignited the passion to “show up” for others with an understanding heart and the ability to feel what others feel. Mary brings a renewed strength by empowering and educating others to RESET, RECOGNIZE and RECLAIM their self-worth. Coaching with Mary creates personal growth that leads to strength and expansion of your wings. She supports those who do not recognize their self-worth. And she is worthy of supporting you and seeing your own worthiness. Mary experienced and understands that more can be created when your mind, body and heart are aligned.

Give yourself permission to get personalized attention. – Mary Brown