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The vast majority of families we serve are led by single parents experiencing unemployment, underemployment and/or unsafe housing issues.  We serve families in the entire Greater St. Louis area.  In order for these families to receive support from HHMD, they must be referred by someone from our network of Referring Agencies.  To join our network, please fill out the 'Become a Partner' form! 


"Helping Hand Me Downs is my little angel. They helped me feed and cloth my 18-month old grandson when I needed it the most."

"I am so thankful for Helping Hand-Me-Downs. The items I received are truly a blessing and I appreciate everything they have done for me...Thank You."

"I went to HHMD and it was such a blessing, it was exactly like you said it would be. I was able to get so much stuff and I'm so relieved!"

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FROM our partners...

"I have worked with numerous agencies over the past fifteen years and I have never before witnessed such promise and dedication in an agency."

"I feel so good referring mothers in need to Helping Hand-Me-Downs. They always follow through to help the mother and infant."

"When Helping Hand-Me-Downs delivers to us, it always feels like Christmas!"

"HHMD spreads amazing joy."

Top 10 Referral Partners in 2018